Crying Through Night Time Anxiety?


It’s weird that I find myself at 4.30 in the morning writing this because I really didn’t want to. I have had to take a mental health hiatus from this blog of late and had told myself my return would come with explanation and realms of advice. Sometimes though, things do not always go to plan. Continue reading →


Claiming My Blog On Bloglovin’ (Apparently)

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I Will Love You Forever*

*I Have BPD So That’s Probably Acurate

BPD And.. The Natural Manipulator?


Stigma surrounding mental health issues is rife. It’s in the media, in the work place, amongst our peers and (most worrying to me) within the mental health system itself. With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health problems every year it’s scary to think that it’s still a taboo subject to talk about. Silencing yourself when it comes to something you or someone you know is facing becomes isolating and dangerous. It breeds ignorance and prolongs suffering.

But why would you speak up when the Stigma stings so much?

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BPD And… Defining Yourself

girl bubble.jpg

Since realising that I needed to try to get some recovery from my borderline personality disorder I have been very careful. You see the minute I accepted the diagnosis I accepted the label and it became really easy to blame every little thing on my mental illness. Whatever I did and however I reacted I would tell myself that it was part of the BPD. In my head I had been given this get out of jail free card and to me at least, having BPD somehow excused everything I did.

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Dance Like No-one Is Watching


When I was a little girl I was made to dance. I wasn’t allowed any lessons or given any instruction but I seemed to have a natural rhythm that dictated some type of talent and my step dad cashed in on that. With no money available for the real competition scene (coupled with the fact that I really was not good enough to compete against the top girls), instead I was peddled round the parks on our cheapo tent holidays winning less cheapo holidays in better parks and chalets.

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