Intention Inspired – 30 Days Of Brave

What is it?

Intention Inspired is a growing community, a movement if you will and the brainchild of brothers Ebin and Matt. It is the idea that everyone can create a spark and allow that to grow in order to live an inspired life. It’s an ongoing process of growth and creativity and 30 Days Of Brave is the latest instalment of that (and where I am starting).

What Will Happen? What Am I Doing?

What I liked about it all was the lack of ‘hokey pokey’ and the focus instead on a personal growth allowing me to take what I wanted from the process. Each day (for 30 days) I will receive an email with tasks to complete, journal prompts, affirmations and links to all manner of good stuff. My aim is to use some or all of these to create daily posts for my blog while tracking my journey and completing my goals.

Can You Get Involved?

Of course you can! You can sign up to start receiving your own emails and set your own goals here and although my journey is specific to me and my blog, as always I welcome discussion – comment on my posts or catch me through my contact page!

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