It’s Been A While



Woah! It’s been ages!

I mentioned in my last post that I was undergoing a medication change and that much is true. I will also tell you that I have felt every long second of that medication change and in fact, I ended up putting my mind and body through three big changes in the end. It was horrific and to be fair, I just want to forget it. In reality, I am going to talk more openly about my experiences here very soon aswell as post a full update and discuss a some new blog doings that will hopefully bring me back here with a bump!

It’s all very exciting.

What needs to be said now though is I am sorry, I ran away and I was dealing with stuff but honestly, It is ok to take some time for yourself. I needed to and I did. I am back now and I am well so if you are still about and reading then please continue.

Please wave high and proud so I can see you!

I will be back next week to start some daily blogging*

*Yes, you heard me right.

L xx


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